Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Quiet on the Western Front

Hi all,

Well, a very grey and cloudy Tuesday hello to everyone. A day in which not all that much happened. We are told that Gillard won the fight but Rudd remains the people's champion, that the oscars were rather boring and sleeping tablets are linked to early death...Yawn!

I'm seeking days of excitment, visually stunning events of madness and success.
I live in Melbourne, it can't be far away.

In terms of films, Project X opens this week. Created from the minds of those behind 'The Hangover', you can see the similarities from the trailer, the premise, from basically everything. We all love a good party...remember that idiot a few years back who became an overnight sensation because of his party advert? I think his name was Corey...The results would of looked similar to Project X...but I am told to expect 'Superbad on crack'.

That concludes my rant for today, fairly tame I know, but it all revolves around the material that Melbourne presents me with.

There is a group going around robbing local gaming venues...
Maybe we should all just fight crime on a Tuesday?

There's a parting thought.

Peace out!

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