Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hi all!

Yes it's a little late for a rant, but you know what? Here goes...

So Yumi and George attacked an Australian today, who happens to be built like a brick shithouse. They called him dumb, and pointed out that he may lack the skills in the bedroom.
Did I mention that the guy is built like a brick shithouse?

The circle is a stupid show, full of people who would clearly be deprived of their own intimacy. C'mon George, are you telling us you are a human dynamo in the sack? HA! I doubt that.

The strong and inspirational are no longer respected. Fools on shows like the circle love cutting down those who deserve respect.

A circle of lies.
A circle of idiots.

So...Jonathan Brown had his face busted apart again.

It hasn't been a good day for the big and mighty men of Australia.

Good night, sleep well, let's see what news tomorrow brings.

Peace out!

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