Thursday, March 8, 2012

Joseph Kony - It is everywhere!

Hi all!

Friday is only minutes away, but the topic on our mind is Joseph Kony. How can we escape it?

I logged on to Facebook 24 hours or so ago to see Kony 2012 filling up my feed. My immediate reaction was to jump on Google and find out more. Nothing gets the curiosity going like a common Facebook status!

So, a 30 minute film. I sat through the documentary and learned a few things:

1. Joseph Kony is an evil man, in the mould of Hitler (as shown in the film).

2. April 20th 2012 is 'Cover the night'. I feel sorry for the street cleaners the next morning. Nobody will know the name like they will.

3. Action packs cost 50 bucks, with a bracelet or two and a poster.

Honestly, this is new communication technology at its most powerful. The filmmaker knows this, using his own son and a child in the middle of the problem to tug at our heartstrings. Is this right?

Will I be doing anything on April 20? Apart from watching the footy with a scotch and dry, no.

The name is already known through-out the world, why ask people to make the campaign annoyibg by drilling the image into the minds of residents? The idea is fantastic, don't overkill the project.

At the end of the day, Kony will be arrested and killed. When? I can't tell you, but the soldiers who are sent to find him will do so with the support of millions. They won't fail.

So sit back, rest easy, and know the man will die. Donate if you feel the need. But one quick tip: watch the film again, and see if you can notice the methods used. Subliminal imagery is contained every few minutes. We live in a strange world, my fellow bloggers.

Well, that went on a tad too long. I implore you all to enjoy your weekend, stay out late, party hard and have a drink for me.

Catch you on Sunday, enjoy Moomba and the Future Music Festival!

Peace out!

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