Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RIP Jim Stynes

Hi all!

So it has been a while since my last post. During that time I've been fairly busy with work, uni and attending the Grand Prix, but I'm back for more of the same.

First of all I must mention Jim Stynes. A great footballer, family man and person, unselfish and loving towards a club that emulates none of the same. RIP to the 1991 Brownlow medal winner.

On a lighter note, Flo Rida almost crushed me during his crowd surf. The man is huge!

I will rant today, simply because I've been a witness to something that brings about the following quote: The good suffer whilst the bad go unpunished.

As I can't reveal the exact details of what happened, I will say that protecting one's self against danger should override all else. My anger is only contained by the lack of detail, but if I was able to name the those involved, I would happily do so and ensure such an event would never be repeated.

To move on, the AFL season starts this week. About time!

Peace out!

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