Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Look Ahead

Hi all!

How was the weekend?

I know you will be struggling with the thought of another week behind the desk or wherever your weekdays are spent, but relax, I understand. Monday posts a terrible image, yet the end of a Sunday holds dread.

What did everyone get up to?

I managed to find time for 'Project X', which was a decent flick and deserving of your money and time. A party that escalates into mayhem is the perfect weekend treat.

Other notables were Soundwave on Friday at the Flemington Showgrounds, non-stop rain on Saturday, the humorous image of St.Kilda players standing in the rain without an opponent and the end of Melbourne Victory's finals hopes. Poor old Harry Kewell...

So as the weekend draws to a close we dwell on the enjoyable times of the past few days. All that drinking, eating, dancing and partying empties the pocket but fills the mind with joy.

Next week we have Moomba.
The week after is the Grand Prix.
And finally, after so much waiting and discussion, the real AFL season begins.

Peace out!

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