Monday, March 12, 2012


Hi all!

How was the long weekend?

Moomba, The Future Music Festival and some interesting sporting results occupied the news.

Each event held many talking points, but none more so than 'Future'. Be it a girl squatting in the midst of a crowd doing her business, people jumping the fence to cheat the system (of which I was witness to) or the crazed antics of certain acts, the festival continues to produce discussion.

Moomba was fairly low key in comparison to years gone by, not so obvious in its presence like the aforementioned girl (sorry, I couldn't help myself). Fireworks, carnival folk and giant plush toys filled the city, though it was more an expectation than a spectacle. Even the birdman competition struggled to impress.

Adelaide against West Coast in the NAB Grand Final = The battle of the 'who cares' cup.

If you believe me to be sulking or slightly negative towards the events Melbourne is offering residents, remember, it is the end of a long weekend. Tomorrow may be called Tuesday, but it's simply Monday with a different name.

Bring on the Grand Prix! Flo Rida, Mark Webber and celebrities galore will bring back the excitement.

I tip my hat to another week of hard work and sacrifice.

Peace out!

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